Early Years Care Values

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  • Early Years Care Values
    • The welfare of the child is paramount
      • Rules
      • CRB checks
      • Always think of the child's best interest
    • Valuing diversity, equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practics
      • Celebrating other festival and holidays such as Divali
      • Have the choice of left-handed products
      • Disabled access (installation of ramps, disabled toilets)
    • Working in partnership with parents, carers and guardians
      • Parents' evenings
      • Notes in notebooks between parents/carers and teachers
      • Reports
      • 'Achievement for all' - structured conversation with parents (training staff how to positively engage with parents and get the most out of the conversation)
    • Service providers should be reflective practitioners
      • Observations
      • Training
      • Feedback from students
      • Feedback from parents
      • Feedback from other teachers
      • OFSTED reports
    • Keeping the child safe and maintaining a healthy environment
      • Keeping sharp objects away from children (scissors, knives etc.)
      • Locking doors and gates so the children can't run away
      • Fire Drills
      • Watching the children at all times
    • Maintaining Confidentiality
      • Lock all filing cabinets
      • Have a password lock on computers
      • Have private discussions in a room wit the door closed
      • Lock office doors that contain confidential items
    • Ensuring children are offered a range of experiences that support all aspects of their development
      • School trips
      • External speakers
      • PE
      • Cooking classes
      • PIES
        • Physical
        • Intellectual
        • Emotional
        • Social
    • Working with others
      • Police
      • Sports staff (external)
      • Language teachers
      • Sign language
      • Headteacher
      • Teaching Assistant
      • Parents


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