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  • Early Years Care Values and Principles
    • Making sure the welfare of the child is paramount
      • Children's opinions should be listened to
      • A child should never be smacked, humiliated or shaken.
      • Behaviour management should emphasise positive expectations
    • Maintaining and healthy and safe envirnoment
      • Preventing Accidents
      • Protecting health
      • Sticking to emergency procedures
      • Protection of child from abuse
    • Working in partnership with parents/family
      • Workers must try not to take over a parents role
      • Respect for culture
      • Share information with the parents
      • Parents and family should be treated as an expert on their own child
    • Helping a child to meet their full potential
      • Care and education in a child's early years
      • Offering of a range of different activities to encourage development in different areas
      • Planned activities should show high expectations and build on a child's interests and achievements
      • Child initiated play
      • Records of progress kept and shared with parents.
    • Equality of Opportunity
      • Children should be treated as individuals
      • Stereotyping should be avoided
      • Workers should demonstrate valuing of a child's characteristics to develop self esteem
      • Should extend to other staff/parents
    • Anti-Discriminatory practise
      • Workers should not discriminate and encourage children to avoid being prejudice
    • Valuing Diversity
      • Contributions  made to society from different cultural groups should be seen in a positive light
      • Children should be helped to develop a sense of racial identity and learn about others
      • No one group should be represented as superior
    • Maintaining confidentiality
      • Information should only be passed on in the interest of protecting a child or with permission from the family
      • Information about workers should also be treated in a confidential manner


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