Early tactics of the WSPU

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  • Early tactics of the WSPU
    • Their motto was 'Deeds, not words'
    • In 1905, Christabel made the decision to adopt moderate militant tactics of disruptions, demonstrations and heckling
    • throughout 1906 and 1907, suffragettes chained themselves to railings in Downing Street and to statues in the HOC lobby
    • On 25th October 1906, a WSPU group broke into the lobby of the HOC, waving flags and making speeches
      • Ten women were arrested and went to prison, nine of which were middle and upper class, causing public outrgae
      • Showed class divide, as there was no outrage for working class women going to prison
    • In 1907 the WSPU held the first 'Women's Parliament' at Caxton Hall. participants marched on Parliament, only to br attacked by the police


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