Early settlement on plains

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  • Early settlement on Plains
    • Problems facing settlers on the Plains
      • Natural disasters- heatwaves could cause fires and destroy crops. Mountain grasshoppers could eat at crops
      • Extreme weather- heatwaves, freezing, hailstorms, thunderstorms etc.
      • Poor Soil- Ground hadn't been fermented so grass and roots were dense. Maize often died
      • Drought- can destroy crops. In Kansas, no rainfall in 1859-60
      • Lack of building materials- No trees to build houses, fuel or fencing off cattle.
      • Lack of water- little rainfall or rivers. Led to failure of crops, bankrupcy and starvation. Hard to keep clean
    • Early Solutions to living on the plains
      • Homesteaders used buffalo or cow dung as fuel to heat homes
      • Water wells dug into groumd- they were expensive and hard work.
      • Settlers built sod houses out of mud bricks


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