Early Purges

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  • Early Purges
    • Meaning
      • getting rid of unwanted things
      • difference between farming and city life
    • Language
      • "glossy and dead" "soft paws scraping"
        • Shock. Heaney realises there is no place for sentimentality on farms
      • "Like wet gloves"
        • inanimate, something familiar for reader to relate to
        • "slung"
      • "big rats, snared rabbits..."
        • listed - insignificant
        • extent to which killing occurs
      • "prodded"
        • plosive - viscous
      • "'Bloody pups'" "'the scraggy wee shits"
        • speaking to us - informal
          • expletives - anger that city folk dissaprove
          • convinces us to agree with him
            • Reader taken into experience of living on a farm
      • "'Prevention of cruelty' talk cuts ice in town"
        • Bitter tone - farmers don't like the condemnation from townies
          • mockery
        • quotes headlines/ speech - memorable
    • Structure
      • divide
        • farming and city views
          • contrast
      • "summer drug/ Until I forgot them."
        • enjambment
          • stark - not a big deal on a farm despite being condemned by city people (majority of readers)


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