Early life

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  • Early Life
    • Church of England
      • Allow abortion if child is a product of **** 'love thy neigbour'
      • Allow abortion if child will be born and not live for long
      • Allow abortion if mother will die during pregnancy/ labour
      • Believe all life is holy
      • Believe life starts at conception
    • Catholics
      • Believe life starts at conception
      • All life is holy
      • Believe abortion against 10 commandments (do not kill)
      • Abortion ALWAYS wrong
    • When does life begin
      • Conception
      • Nervous system (14 days)
      • First heartbeat
      • Once viable
      • Birth
      • Ensoulment (120 days)
    • Pro-Life
      • Abortion murder of another human being, murder wrong
      • Life of foetus just as important as mother
      • Lots of people want children but cant have them (Adoption)
      • Don't know what the unborn feel, may cause them suffering
    • Pro-Choice
      • Backstreet abortions
      • Women's rights- its their body
      • Sexual assult
      • Cruel to bring unwell child into world
    • Quality of life
      • A measurement of fulfilment
      • Disabled e.g Down syndrome
      • Economic e.g poor
      • Abuse e.g from parents
    • Sanctity of llife
      • Life is sacred because its God given
      • All life precious
    • Muslim view, abortion
      • Generally against
      • Allah decides when to begin and end life
      • Ensoulment
      • sometimes acceptable, mothers life at risk
    • Laws for abortion
      • 1. Mother die in pregnancy
      • 2.Baby born physically or mentally disabled
      • 3.Mother become physically or mentally ill
      • 4. Risk current child's physical or mental health
      • Abortion limit= 24 weeks (Viable)
    • Unwanted child
      • 'Let the children with no mothers, meet the mothers with no children' (Pope)
      • Adoption/ Fostering


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