Early Jazz Characteristics

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  • Early Jazz Characteristics
    • Vocal blues orientated before blues - its influenced by novel sounds
    • **** singing originated during the jazz period
    • Blending improvisational approaches with ragtime, blues, spiritual, marches and popular tunes
    • First bands used the same instrumentation as American brass bands
      • Trumpet, Clarinet, trombone, tuba/double bass, drums, occasional sax
    • Chicago = the jazz cntre of the world in the 1920's
    • Piano now features horn like lines e.g. long-short and swung more than ragtime
    • Louis Armstrong
      • Large tone + Wide range
      • Improvisation was always well construted
      • 1st solo to effectively demonstrate both solo and collective improvisation
      • **** singing
      • Recognisable growly voice


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