Early Childhood(3-8 years)


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  • Early Childhood(3-8 years)
    • Physical Development
      • A child will develop distinct features/become stronger and taller/muscle tissues will increase and 'baby fat' will be lost/Can run,skip and hop (4-6)/By 8,develop a good sense of balance/Second or permanent teeth will grow
      • Gross skills: Gymastics/Football/Throwing a ball/Building a brick tower
      • Fine Skills: Tying shoes/Playing an instrument/Building a brick tower
    • Emotional Development
      • Bond with other children/Learn to share experiencing things such as jealousy/hate/love and fear
      • Still may be self centered and they may have temper tantrums and want their own way.
      • Copy moods/behaviors of adults around them-why having positive role models is important.
      • Children become more confident/may show signs of frustration when failing something/By 8,more emotionally stable
        • Factors affecting behaviors: Tiredness Hunger Loneliness Illness Boredom Frustration Worry
    • Social Development
      • Making friends/quite independent/self conscious and may need encouragement to join in activities
      • Understand how others are feeling/understand how to take turns/play games with friends
    • Intellectual Development
      • Ecocentrism- Where they only think the world only evolves around them
      • Language Development:Concentration span is much longer/solving problems/speech almost correct/Ask many questions
      • Moral Development- Learn expectations of society/Develop a sense of right and wrong/Learned from people around them




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