early brain development in foetus development

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  • early brain development in foetus development
    • 3-4 weeks
      • forebrain
        • divides into two
          • anterior and posterior
      • midbrain
        • central brain and forms the central nervous system
          • this part of the brain DOES NOT DIVIDE!!!!
      • hind Briain
        • back part
        • divides into 2 through the middle
          • this contains the cerebellum & pons & medulla
            • the cerebellum is involved in responses such as fear
    • 6 weeks
      • cerebellum
        • can be seen in a scan!!!!
        • little brain
        • controls physical skills
          • functions processes sense information eg touch smell
          • responses eg fear
    • 20 weeks
      • medulla oblongata
        • in hindbrain in front of cerebellum
        • involuntary responses
          • sneezing breathing heart rate blood pressure
        • connects rest of brain to spinal cord
    • neural connections
      • key part in babies brain development!!!!
      • allow for fast communication between the different parts of the brain
      • from birth to 3 years 700-1000 new connections every second
      • in first year the brain doubles in size
      • 80% of size by age of 3
      • early connections are unimportant !! reinforcementthese connection every second
      • important that babies get plenty of simulation


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