Early Adulthood(19-45 years)

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  • Early  Adulthood(19-45 years)
    • Physical Development
      • Reach physical peak(physical maturity)
      • People are at their strongest(perform their best in sport)
      • Usually produce children/Go through menopause
      • Fertility drops for both men and women
      • Signs of aging; wrinkles may appear,hair goes grey
    • Intellectual Development
      • Reach productive peak at work-promotion
      • Return to education if they need further qualifications-If they don't do well at school
      • They don't lose intellectual capability with age!
      • Learn how to manage a budget,learn new skills for work,raising children,living alone with a partner
    • Emotional Development
      • Develop close and intimate relationships
      • Choose to co-habit,marry,civil ceremony.
      • Develop steady relationships leading to a feeling of security-Give and receive love
      • Start a family/Choose to live alone or find themselves living alone due to relationship breakdowns
      • Responsibilities of having children-Gives life a sense and meaning
    • Social Development
      • Build lives around socialising,meeting new people and making friends
      • Follow careers,form steady relationships,possibly start a family
      • Begin to have responsibilities-mortgage's and financial responsibilities-Work is important
      • Establish relationships





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