dysphoria A02/3

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  • dysphoria A02/3
    • mental illness Cole over 400 cases = gender dysphoria no diff to general  pop  not related to trauma
    • mother /son relationship Zucker 115 boys problems mothers / gender 64% diagnosed GID + separation anxiety disorder explains MtF transsexuals not FtM
    • dressing a boy in girls clothing, no evidence to GID Diamond
    • IDA ethics if biological cause identified then able not their fault, but if biological is it determined > transsexual, not likely cause /effect 4 CAH
    • RWA research > information erroneous gender assignment at birth Organisation Intersex International Oii campaign right for intersexes to decide own sexual identity = old enough intersexes mismatch external genetalia, internal geitalia, gender identity
    • methodology
    • 2/3 of FtM phantom limb syndrome- childhood onwards, including phantom erections


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