Dyson DC01 vacuum cleaner functionality

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  • Dyson DC01 Vacuum Cleaner- Functionality
    • Clear Bucket/Bagless System
      • -Allowed users to see if the cleaner need emptying or not, making it easier to use.
      • -It provided pleasure with users able to see the vacuum picking up the dust and dirt, making the room feel cleaner
    • Improved Steering
      • -Two wheels instead of four made it easier to control turns and use the cleaner in the house
    • Dual Cyclone separation technology
      • The DC01 was the first vacuum cleaner to use this technology and it provided increased removal of dirt and fibrous particles from the surface
    • Trigger bin system
      • A quick and easy method of emptying the content in the bucket that did not create a mess
    • Colourful interactive parts
      • Users can clearly identify how to use the vacuum cleaner
    • Removable filters
      • Users can clean the dyson to preserve its good working condition, making the vacuum last longer and perform on a consistent level
    • Functional shape
      • Dyson's functional appear and shape which allowed it to sit on stairs


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