Dynamic Planet

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  • Dynamic Planet
    • What is, and Why do we need:
      • The Atmosphere
        • Layer of gases surrounding the Earth
        • Need it for: Oxygen for life, carbon dioxide for plants, greenhouse effect for warmth, and weather and climate.
      • The Hydrosphere
        • Layer of seas, rivers lakes and groundwater on the crust.
        • Need it for: Water for animal and plant life, water cycle.
      • The Biosphere
        • The thin layer of living things on the crust.
        • Need it for: Plant and animals provide us with food, Living things used for medicines and as fuel.
      • The Geosphere
        • Layer of rocks of Earth's crust and deeper towards the core.
        • Need it for: Earths core makes up magnetic field protecting us from space radiation. We use rocks and minerals as resources.
    • What is important about the biosphere? How does it interact with other spheres?
      • It is important because it is unique: No other planets have one.
      • Plants and animals turn rock and sediment (geosphere) into soil.
      • Plants are part of the hydrosphere, water cycle.
      • Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen (atmosphere)
    • How do the spheres cause harm to us?
      • Geosphere: Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami.
      • Hydrosphere: Flooding.
      • Atmosphere: Hurricanes, storms and tornadoes.
    • What are humans doing to damage the spheres?
      • Polluting the atmosphere
      • Destroyed geosphere for fossil fuels
      • Deforestation of the biosphere
      • Pollution of the water in the hydrosphere


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