ELSS L14 - Carbon Sequestration

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  • Carbon sequestration
    • What are the limitations?
      • Involves big capital costs which makes energy production more expensive.
      • Uses large amounts of energy - 20% of power plants output is needed to separate CO2 and compress it.
      • Requires storage reservoirs with specific geological conditions i.e. porous rocks overlain by impermeable strata.
    • Case Study: USA
      • 40% of all CO2 emissions are from coal and gas fired power stations.
      • CCS has the potential to reduce emissions by 80-90%.
    • Case Study: Drax, UK
      • Designed to capture 2 millions tonnes of CO2 per year, costing £1 billion.
      • Plan was for carbon to be transported by pipeline to the North Sea and stored in depleted gas reservoirs.
      • Project was designed due to rising costs of the Petemead project in Scotland.


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