Reversable reactions and Equalibria

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  • Equalibria and Reversable   Reactions
    • The symbol for a reversable reaction is:
      • Reversable reaction: when products can be made back into reactants
      • The point where forward and backward (reactants and products) happen at the same rate is called dynamic Equalibria
    • Fritz Harbor was the 1st to make Ammonia artificiall
      • Nitrogen (From air) + Hydrogen (From gas)     Ammonia
      • Harbor Process;
        • You can get Nitrogen by burning hydrogen (H + O)  in the air. Removing the oxygen leaves nitrogen
        • Get Hydrogen by reacting methane with steam/ the cracking of oil
    • N + H = NH3 (Exothermic)
    • NH3 = N + H (Endothemic)
      • Takes in heat from surroundings
    • Best conditions for high yeild of ammoina
      • High Temp - Approx. 450
        • High temp. shirfts the equalibrium to the left decreasing the yeild of Ammonia
        • Low temp produces higher yeild yet very slowly
        • High Temp. increases the rate which means the Dynamic equalibrium will be reached quicker
      • High Temp Approx. 200 times atmospheric pressure
      • Presence of an iron catalyst
    • If you increase the pressure the equalibrium will shift the the right and will change into ammonia
    • The catalyst dosent change the position of the equalibrium.
    • Gives out heat
    • Ammonia is a natural fertiliser


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