MS1 DVD covers and film posters

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  • DVD covers and film posters
    • Genre
      • Sub-genre
        • Hybrid (mix of two or more genres)
      • Intertextuality
    • Characterization
      • Proppian roles eg. hero/villian
      • Stereotypes being reinfored or challenged
      • Do the prozemics between characters/objects signify anything
      • Are characters/objects juxtaposed in any way and why?
    • Referential codes eg. Statue of Liberty visible so you know it's set in New York
    • Can you identify a narrative structure or a particular stage of the structure?
      • Todorov and the equilibrium/distuption ect
      • Levi-Strauss and binary oppositions
    • Narrative enigmas which are unanswered questions
      • However remember that if you get a DVD COVER some members of the audience may have already seen the film at the cinema
    • Institutional factors eg. major studio or independent production company
      • Likely to be high concept, big budget, lots of special effects, A List stars
        • High production values, website address/interactivity
          • Tie-ins, synergy
            • Soundtrack perhaps, media platforms, convergence
    • Mainstream cinema = mass appeal
      • Audience specific vocabulary - hook the audience
        • Audience cultural capital = read the book to the film or audience could be part of the culture being represented in the film
          • Cultural sterotyping
      • Niche audiences (specialised minority) eg.arthouse cinema
    • Uses and gratifications BLUMLER AND KATZ
      • Personal identity
        • Surveillance
          • Social interaction
            • Diversion
    • Back cover of DVD = blurb/storyline - use of language (narrative) additional images, special features (BURTON'S DEVICE OF PERSUASION)
      • credits, certifications, BBFC (British Board of Film Classification)
        • Tag line, bankable starts, star marketing, tie-ins, merchandising, reviews, word of mouth, director


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