Tort Law: Duty of Care key cases

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  • Duty of care
    • Forseeable claimant
      • Palsgraf v Long Island Railroad: firewords
      • Bournhill v Young: The pregnant fish wife
      • Home office v Dorset Yatch: prison escapees
      • Maguire v Harland and Wolf: wife absestos
    • Proximity
      • Capital & Counties plc v Hampshire: sprinklers off - emergency calls
      • Swinney v Chief Constable of Northumbria Police
    • Fair, just and reasonable
      • MacFarlane v Tayside Health: healthy child
      • Hiill v Chef Constable of West Yorkshire
      • Osman v UK: Teacher
      • Van Colle and Smith:
      • X v Bedfordshire
        • Z v UK
        • D v East Berkshire
      • Marc Rich & Co AG v Bishop Rock Marine Co Ltd


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