Duty vs. Inclination - Deontology

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  • Duty + Inclination
    • One's duty is using reason, to apply to good will, which is your right motive, to work out your duty
      • Duty has intrinsic value
      • The use of reason and good intensions make it intrinsic
    • Example of the shopkeeper
      • He always gave the correct change because it was his duty to do so
        • Act out of respect for the moral law ( DUTY)
        • The right thing to do, because he feels he OUGHT to
    • Acting from inclination
      • We must guard against automatically praising such people because our inclinations are outwith out control
      • Our inclination is our natural tendency to act or feel a particular way
      • It's a matter of our genes/ upbringing if we have compassionate inclinations


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