Dutch Revolt-Philip II

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  • Dutch Revolt 1568
    • Causes
      • Felt Philip was using Neth. to impose tyrannical rule and reintroduce Cath.
      • 14 new diocese made (bishoprics)
      • Merchants worried about Inquisition ne.g. affecting trade
      • Reliance on Spanish advisers meant Dutch nobles were alienated
      • Nobles saw it as an attempt to increase royal authority
      • 10% sales tax
    • Failures
      • Had to wait for Armada for troops
      • Financial difficulties lead to the Spanish Fury and mutiny
      • Alba= Brutal
      • 1581- Act of Abjuration rejected Philips authority- Hugely impacted Spain's finance
    • Success
      • Only successful when there were distractions between 1580-85
      • Maintained Southern States
    • Events
      • Duke of Alba sent in after Calvinists destroyed and damaged RC churches
        • Sent 1000 to death afterwards creating Anti-Spanish sentiment
      • Farnese- won Southern states back to Spain
      • 1576- Sack of Antwerp and Spanish Fury
      • Pacification of Ghent breaks and ends in split of Hapsburg Netherlands- led to commercial decline


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