Dust Precipitators 

 How a dust precipitator works... <3 =] xxxx

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  • Dust Precipitators
    • Removes harmful particles from factories that pollute the atmosphere.
    • 1. Metal grid placed in chimney, given large charge.
    • 2. Plates inside chimney- earthed, gain opposite charge to grid.
    • 3. Dust particles pass close to grid = become charged with same charge as grid.
    • 4. Dust particles repelled away from wires. Attracted to oppositely charged plates and stick to them.
    • 5. Plates are vibrated and dust falls down to a collector.
    • 6. Dust particles gain or lose electrons to become charged.
    • 7. Charge on dust particles induces a charge on earthed metal plate.
    • 8. Opposite charges attract so dust is attracted to plate.


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