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  • Durkheim- Suicide
    • Egoistic Suicide
      • when a person lacks integration into society
      • a person is not integrated into enough social groups such as family and friends
      • this is linked with protestants as it is less integrated than the Catholic church
    • Altruistic suicide
      • when a person is too well integrated that they give up their life in sacrificeout of duty to others
      • Suicide bombers do this
    • Anomic Suicide
      • when society does not regulate the person enough
      • This is where society's guidelines become unclear
      • those who committed suicide after the wall street crash
    • Fatalistic Suicide
      • when society restricts the individual too much
      • this is when suicide becomes a form of escape
      • slaves and cancer patients do this to escape their future
    • Criticisms of Durkheim
      • Halbwachs says he puts too much importance on religion
      • Durkheim assumes that group membership means a lot to individuals
        • This is putting his own subjective interpretation on the data
      • His work is based on official suicide statistics which may be unreliable and social constructs


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