Duplicity & Duality

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  • Duplicity & Duality
    • He is excited and full of adventure to his new character which strongly subverts his usual societal-expectation conforming character
      • ''Braced and delighted me like wine''
        • ZOOM: ''Wine'' was seen as a positive thing during the Victorian era, a substance representing happiness and wealth
        • He is happy of his new character which is shown through his comparison to wine. He is happy despite him knowing that this would mean a loss of stature as this behvavior was frowned upon. Victorians usually compromised their happiness in order to retain their all-important stature
    • Jekyll and Hyde are so different yet so similar
      • ''These polar twins''
        • ''Polar twins'' is a vivid juxtaposition as ''twins'' conveys an image of being the same / identical whereas ''polar'' implies total opposites with no similarities
        • Despite them being the same person, they have juxtaposing mindsets
    • Two identities depending on the enviroment
      • ''Wear a more than commonly grave countenance before the public''
        • He reserves his true self for himself and displays an alternative ego for the public which complies with the standards set by the Victorian society


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