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  • Duncan
    • Perfect King
      • "as justice, verity, temperance, stableness...patience, courage, fortitude."
        • juxtaposition of lists
          • powerful characteristics
          • amount of love people had for him
        • noun, verity
          • Duncan is meant to be the king
        • adjective "lowliness"
          • Cares more about the duties of being king and the responsibilities rather than the wealth
      • "I have begun to plant thee and will labour/ to make thee full of growing."
        • metaphor
          • hopes and aspirations he has for Macbeth and Banquo and has had these hopes since they were children
        • verb "labouring"
          • the king usually has people to do jobs for them however he has taken on the responsibility himself to help Banquo and Macbeth even though they aren't his own sons.
        • ironic
          • Macbeth is going to put away Duncans help- Duncan is naïve and doesn't see that Macbeth is evil
    • Meant to be King
      • "silver skin laced with golden blood"
        • imagery
          • shows contrast between light skin and dark blood
            • makes death even more horrendous
          • whoever spills his blood will have to pay a great deed
          • Duncan's body is symbolised as a treasure chest as instead of bleeding blood he bleeds gold
            • power of the monarch
      • "will plead like angels, trumpet tongued against/ the deep damnation of his taking off"
        • verb
          • shows urgency- even something as powerful as the heavens are suffering because of Duncan's death.
        • Noun "angels"
          • shows urgency- even something as powerful as the heavens are suffering because of Duncan's death.
    • Trusting
      • "there's no art to find the minds construction in the face"
        • dramatic irony
          • the audience have just been told that the Thane of Cawdor betrayed Duncan and Duncan is now going to be betrayed on a bigger level by Macbeth who he put his absolute trust in
      • he shows "drops of sorrow" because he's so happy.
        • Symbolism
          • Duncan doesn't have the qualities that other characters associate with manliness, but Shakespeare shows that he is kind and fair.
            • this leads the audience to question whether a king needs to be a violent warrior
          • can be seen as unmanly


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