Sources of Wisdom and Authority: Dukkha

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  • Dukkha
    • Meaning
      • Suffering
      • Foundation of Buddhism and all teachings
      • 'I teach suffering- and the end of suffering'
      • Pain ordinary suffering
        • Illness
        • Pain
        • Death
      • Impermanence
        • All beautiful things decay
        • The more beautiful and enjoyable- the more suffering when it passes
      • Subtle dissatisfaction with life
        • Limited powers
        • Lack of knowledge
        • We cannot really plan for the future
    • Relevance
      • One of the 3 marks of existence
        • Understand it and move on
          • One of the 4 noble truths
      • One of the 4 noble truths
      • 7 well known states
        • Birth, old age, sickness and death (4 signs)
        • Sorrow
        • Not getting what you want
        • Contact with unpleasant things
      • 4 concealed states
        • Our pleasure can cause pain to others
        • Pleasure brings the fear of losing it
        • Pleasure makes us crave more
        • No pleasure is lasting
    • Pessimistic?
      • Buddha only taught it to teach how to overcome it
      • Treat it as impersonal- something that happens to everyone
      • Buddha also taught Sukkha- happiness
      • Realistic


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