Duck(1999) reasonss for relationship breakdown

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  • Duck (1999) Reasons for relationship breakdown
    • Maintenance difficulties
      • Not being able to see each other enough - some can endure this, but for others it leads to breakdown
    • Lack of stimulation
      • Boredom with significant other
      • Belief the relationship isn't going anywhere - no marriage or children prospects
    • Lack of skills
      • Social Skills e.g. conversation skills
      • Interpersonal skills e.g. emotional intelligence
    • Reasons offered do not separate male and female differential viewpoints
      • Brehm & Kassin (1996): Women are more likely to stress unhappiness and incompatibility as reasons for dissolution, whereas for men its sexual withholding
    • Cina et al (2003): Relationship skills enhance relationship quality
      • Compared 50 couples who received Couples Coping Enhancement Training with a control group - CCET reported much higher marital quality after training
    • Long-distance romantic relationships and Long distance friendships are common.
      • Rohlfing (1995): 70% students had  experienced a LDRR, 90% a LDF
    • Boekhout et al (1999): Extramarital affairs are caused by a lack of skills or stimulation
      • Undergrads rated secual and emotional reasons for unfaithfulness. P's  judged sexual reasons for infidelity (variety,boredom) would be more likely used by men, and emotional for women (lack of attention, commitment)
    • Socially sensitive area of research - participants may be distressed having to relive a relationship breakdown
    • Not so relevant to collectivist cultures and arranged marriages


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