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  • Dubiety
    • Rhythm
      • quatrains, Alternate rhyming, weird as whole poem is fuzzy, Spereated stanzas, poem about being on his own
        • adds to his confusion
    • Layout
      • 'Let gauziness shade, not shroud'
        • alliteration, dead people are often in fabric, 'Dim not deaden, - somehow sheathe' a sheathe protects a sword, he wants the pain to be eased, he wants protection from harsh reality
        • Semantic field, closely connected words 'shade' 'shroud'
      • '-all things ever the same!' burst of enthusiams, sarcastic?
      • Moment of conclsuion at teh end, final stanza focuses on his wife, 'To feel for my brow where her kiss might fall' physical affection, love comforting, links to LAR
        • links to Prospice, '!' at the end Sound affects are very important, its a woozing, dreamy poem, contrasts with UVilla although sound is important there uvilla trys to dumb down imagery of countryside
          • 'repetition of 'Truth ever, truth only' soft sounds
          • Triumphant ending '!'
    • Context
      • literally means 'uncertainty'
      • This poem was released after his death, personal, links to Prospice, TwoCamp, as btoh are personal
    • Imagery
      • 'Autumn weather', change, things fading away, metaphorically/symbolically
      • Softness, 'In luxury's sofa-lap of leather!' he wants softness, internal poem, sofa, inside, not like LAR more like LoveinL
      • 'thrust' violent
    • Character
      • 'I will be happy if but for once', he will make sure, order himself around, imperative, but is it undercut ? bathos
        • Hopefullness/expectance?
      • 'Me and my cares to screen'
        • alliteration, sibilance sounds, his worries, his grief he wants to be screened away, like Aparent Failure, same word is used 'screen', also sepereates from pain, noth characters want ti, in AF it is to be apart from the dead bodies in the morgue
      • He doesn't want to forget his pains with Elizabeth but he doesn't ant to feel their pain, he deosn't want to engage
        • he is yearnign for something, links to TwoCamp, Prospice etc
      • '-Of what came once whena woman leant'  drifty, BT, PI Pros. vague, trying to convey something but can't 'fog' Prospice
        • We don't know what he's tlaking about, so vague, can only understand if were one of the peopel involved, its not communicated well to us, its sooo personal
    • 'Sleep? Nay, comfort - with just a cloud', he just want comfort not sleep, like in GramF and Prospice, they talk of clouds
      • He wants things to be cloudt, 'like milk' translucent, so he is protected'
    • links to PIgnotus afraid to face the world, links to GramF, was so scared to live, he didn;t, here he is retreatign from life


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