Drugs in Sport

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  • Drugs in sport
    • Narcotic analgesics
      • Mask pain, for example injury pain.
      • Side effects; Low blood pressure and constipation.
    • Peptide hormones
      • EPO increases amount of red blood cells so blood can carry more oxygen to muscles.
      • Side effects; Can cause strokes.
    • Stimulants
      • Increase reaction time.
      • Side effects; heart and liver problems + high blood pressure
    • Anabolic steroids
      • Increase muscle size, mass and strength
      • Side effects; Women get facial hair, deep voice. Causes infertility and aggression.
    • Diuretics
      • Reduces amount of fluid in body / lose weight.
      • Example; Boxer trying to get into a certain weight catagory
      • Side effects; cramp and dehydration.
    • Beta Blockers
      • Reduce heart rate, makes body steady reducing shaking.
      • Good for sports such as shooting or darts.


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