Performance Enhancing Drugs

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs
    • Why take Drugs?
      • Gain unfair advantage
      • Compete at higher level
      • Make enough money to live comfortably after short professional career.
      • Enhance performance=gain ^ award
    • Socially Acceptable Drugs
      • Alcohol
        • co-ordination decreases= lack of balance
        • Slows body functions
        • Damages Liver
      • Nicotine
        • Simulant
        • Concentration levels ^
        • ^ heart rate
        • decreases life expectancy= Cancer
    • Types of Performance Enhancing drugs
      • Anabolic Steroids
        • Mimics male hormone testosterone to promote bone & muscle growth
        • Athlete s can train for longer= build muscle bulk
        • Side effects; ^Blood pressure, liver disease, ^ risk of Heart attacks& strokes
        • Can lead to DEATH
      • Diuretics
        • Elevates rate of urine production
        • Used by boxers or Jockeys (to lose weight quickly)
        • Side effects; dehydration, dizziness, cramps, longterm- kidney issues
      • Beta Blockers
        • Controls heart rate with calming effect
        • Banned in target sports like archery & shooting.
        • Side effects; Nausea, diarrhoea, tiredness, depression
      • Stimulants
        • Effects nervous system= increased mental & physical alertness
        • E.g. Caffeine, Cocaine, Ephedrines % common cold meds
        • Side effects; Insomnia, addiction, ^HR , ^Blood pressure.
      • Narcotics/ Analgesics
        • Reduces Pain
        • e.g Heroin, Paracetamol,Morphine
        • For Injured sportsmen or used to mask pain.
        • Side effects; Loss of ... Concentration, balance, co-ordination + hallucinations
      • Peptide Hormones
        • Causes other hormones to be produced
        • Side effects; Thickens blood= ^ risk of heart attack


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