drugs and medicines

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  • drugs & medicans
    • what is a medicans?
      • a medicans cure disease or reileave symptoms
    • what is a drug?
      • a drug is a chemical which causes changes in the body.
    • what is a recreational drug
      • recrational drugs alter the statw of your mide and/or body.
    • the differences between legal and illegal drugs
      • legal drugs your alound to take and doctors are alound to give you them.
      • illegal drugs your not alound to take.
    • coffee, smoking and alcohol
      • these drugs are legal but have to be 18 apart from coffee.
      • the problems of drinking is that you would fill happy, relaxd and friendly but you may also fell sick
      • the problems with smoking is that the first few times you would fill dizzy but you may also fell sick
    • what dose addiction mean?
      • you become dependent on them you cant manage without them
    • why do athletes use drugs?
      • some athletes use steroids drugs to help them compete more successfully. many use anabolic performance- enhancing which help them to develop bigger muscles and to train harder


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