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  • Drugs
    • Drugs are chemicals that can alter the way your body works.
    • Different drugs
      • Stimulants
        • Caffeine and nicotine
          • Increases alertness
      • Sedatives
        • Alcohol and tranquilisers
          • Slows Central Nervous System
      • Painkillers
        • Aspirin and morphine
          • Suppress pain receptors and neurones  in the Central Nervous System
      • Hallucinogens
        • LSD and cannabis
          • Feeling of enormous energy and hallucinations
      • Alcohol
        • Alcoholic drinks
          • Slows Central Nervous system and reaction times
      • Solvents
        • Glue, paint and fuel.
          • Hallucinations and distorted perception
    • Classification of drugs
      • Some drugs are legal such as tobacco and alcohol. Others are illegal and can only be prescribed by a doctor.
        • Some prescription drugs are misused and taken for 'fun' rather than medical reasons. This is when they become illegal
      • Illegal drugs are classified from Class A to Class C. Class A drugs are the most dangerous, with the most serious penalties for possession or dealing.
        • Class C are the least dangerous, with the lightest penalties but this does not mean they're safe to use.


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