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  • Drugs
    • Performance-Enhancing Drugs
      • Anabolic Steroids- increase muscle size, Stimulants- increase heart rate
        • Negative Effects eg. Stimulants can cause high blood pressure
      • Against
        • Unfair- advantage for athletes
        • May not be fully informed of health risks
      • For
        • Athletes own decision
        • Drug free sport isn't really fair- may have different training facilities, coaches, equipment
      • Athletes- better at sport
    • Statins
      • Prescribed Drugs- lower risk of heart and circulatory disease
      • Lower blood cholesterol
      • Government scientists used 6000 patients- compared those who had taken the drug and those who hadn't- results were reproducible
    • Cannabis
      • Illegal drug
      • Scientists investigated whether the chemicals in the smoke caused mental health problems
        • Results are varied
    • Testing Medicinal Drugs
      • Stage 1- tested on human cells and tissue in lab
      • Stage 2- test on live animals- if drug works, toxicity and dosage
      • Stage 3- if drug passes, human volunteers in a clinical trial
        • First- healthy volunteers- harmful side effects, low dosage and gradually increases
          • Results good- tested on people suffering from the illness
            • Two groups- one given the drug, other a placebo, so doctor can see the difference the drug makes
        • Clinical trials are blind- patient doesn't know if they'll get the drug or the placebo
          • Often double-blind- neither patient nor doctor know until the results
    • Recreational Drugs
      • Enjoyment, relaxation, stress relief
      • Smoking- disease in heart, blood vessels and lungs, smoke causes cancer, nicotine is addictive
      • Alcohol- slows down Nervous System, too much- poor coordination, excessive drinking- liver disease and brain damage, addictive


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