Performance enhancing drugs.

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  • drugs in sports.
    • EPO
      • stimulates red blood cell growth.
        • benefits aerobic performance.
        • same affect as altitude training.
      • side effects: heart problems, death.
    • Beta Blockers.
      • calming affect.
      • reduces anxiety.
      • good for target skills; darts, snooker.
      • side effects; poor blood circulation, fatigue, sleep disturbance.
    • Herbal remedies.
      • use of plants / plant extracts.
      • limited evidence of benefits.
        • meant to help recovery.
      • may contain banned substances.
    • anabolic steroids.
      • mimics testosterone.
      • reduce recovery time.
      • increase protein synthesis.
      • performer gets stronger, can train more frequently.
      • side effects: high cholesterol, blood clotting.
        • females; deepening of voice, shrinking of breasts, body hair increase.
        • male; damaged testes, development of breasts.
    • Human growth hormone.
      • naturally occurring.
        • regulates growth.
        • used by power athletes.
        • muscle growth / repair.
      • side effects; joint pain / swelling, abnormal bone growth, irregular heart beat.


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