Performance Enhancing Drugs

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  • Drugs in Sport
    • Anabolic Steroids
      • e.g. testosterone
      • B: increases muscle size, repairs muscle
      • D:  heart disease, cancer, aggressive behaviour, body hair
    • Blood Doping
      • e.g. freezing of blood
      • B: more red blood cells (which deliver oxygen)
      • D: infection risk, blocked arteries and veins
    • Diuretics
      • e.g. heart disease/ water tablets
      • B: enables weight loss, masks other drugs in the body
      • D: muscles weaken, body dehydrates
    • Beta Blockers
      • e.g. blood pressure/ heart disease tablets
      • B: slows heart rate and breathing
      • D: Person feels dull, no energy, addictive
    • Stimulants
      • e.g. ampheta-mines, caffeine
      • B: raises heart rate, speeds up reactions, work for longer
      • D: can cause injury, violent behaviour, high blood pressure
    • Narcotic Analgesics
      • e.g.  morphine, heroin, codeine
      • B: kills pain
      • D: addictive, injuries worsen, illegal
    • Peptide Hormones
      • e.g. erythopoitin, human growth hormone
      • B: body uses fat, reduces tiredness, faster injury recovery, stimulates bone marrow production of red blood cells
      • D: irregular heart beat, increased risk of diabetes, increased blood pressure, can lead to heart attack or stroke


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