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  • Drugs
    • Developing new drugs
      • 1) Must be tested in a labouratory using cells, tissues and aimals
        • 2) Clinical trials are run using healthy volunteers. They are given very small doses
          • 3) If drug is found safe, further trails are run to find optimum dose
      • New drugs are constantly being developed
    • Thalidomide
      • Originally used as a sleeping pill. Passed all tests
        • Found to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women, but was not tested for this
          • Babies were born with severe limb deformities
      • Now it is used to treat leprosy and other diseases
      • Drug testing has now become more vigourous
    • Performance enhancing drugs
      • Stimulants- increase heart rate
      • Anabolic steroids- increase muscle mass
      • Some are legal by law but all are banned by sports regulations
      • Very unethical but taken because of pressure/ money/ fame
    • Recreational drugs
      • Legal: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol.
        • Mildly addictive
        • Overall they have the biggest effect on societies health because more people take them
      • Illegal: cannibis, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy
        • Cannabis may lead to mental health problems and is a "gateway drug"
        • Ecstasy, cannabis and heroin may have adverse effects on the heart and circulatory system.
        • Cocaine and heroin are highly adictive
    • People suffer from withdrawal symptoms without drugs because their bodies become dependent on them


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