Of Mice and Men

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  • Dreams
    • George and Lennie
      • Lennie is all about the rabbits
      • George is all for independenceand for owning a house and the land in the dream (ch 1)
      • Lennie keeps george's dream alive by keep wanting to talk about it.
        • sustains them
      • ch6 not as energized as in chapter 1 delivered woodenly, dream is dead to let Lennie die happy
    • crooks
      • His dream is about having equality and being accepted
      • At first he doesn't have any dreams because he always crushed them
        • "you're nuts" we then learn that hes protecting his dreams he's as eager as the others are
      • in chapter 4 empowers him, curelys wife by the end of chapter 4 the dream is then over
        • this could argue that dreams are just cruel
    • Curley's wife
      • Her dream is to be a movie star she wants love and attention she has been disappointed
        • There are hints of not giving up as the way she dresses and she says "maybe i will yet"
      • in chapter 5 she tells the dream to lennie but by the death of her steinbeck gives her her dream of having attention in a weird way
        • steineck gives her a paragraph of the attention taken from her face as the dream may have been given
    • candy
      • his dream is about being needed
      • enthusiastic about george and Lennie's dream in chapter 3


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