Dream Analysis Overview

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  • Dream Analysis
    • Solms (2000)
      • Used PET scans on sleeping people
        • Found that the part of the brain that is responsible for rationality was inactive
        • But the part responsible with memory and motivation were active
      • Freud would say that during dreaming the rational ego is dormant while while the irrational Id takes over
      • Lacks ecological validity as it was a lab study and sleep deprivation reduces hormone production
    • Manifest content is what actually appears in the dream
    • Latent content is the real meaning behind the dream
      • It is NOT the therapist that decides what the dream means but the patient. The therapist simply provides different interpretation
    • Evaluation
      • Most research is done on sleep deprived humans and animals which affects hormone production
      • All supporting research is artificial as it is done in labs
      • The latent content can be subjective as different therapists will interpret the dream in different ways
      • Therapists can prolong the therapy for financial gain
    • Dreamwork
      • The process where the latent content is transformed into the manifest content
        • The therapist will use it to help find the meaning of the dream
        • The actual material in the dream may be from the patients life
      • Thoughts are translated into visual images and symbols to replace people and ideas
        • Representation and symbolism
      • The unconscious mind collects all images and ties them together to make a logical story
        • Secondary Elaboration
      • The content is condensed into brief images
        • Condensation


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