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  • Dramatic Devices in An Inspector Calls
    • Stage Diections
      • "dessert plates" and "champagne glasses."
        • Their upper class.
    • Punctuation
      • "We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.2
        • Short sentences, creates impact.
    • Juxtaposition
      • "We are all responsible other."
        • The inspector as a symbol of Socialism.
      • "A man has to make his own way."
        • Mr Birling and his capitalist views.
    • Dramatic Irony
      • "unsinkable, totally unsinkable."
        • Mr Birling is wrong. Titanic did sink it makes him look like a fool.
      • "Some drunken young idler."
        • Mrs Birling. The audience think its Eric - social class.
      • "pace and prosperity."
        • Mr Birling is also wrong about the war, there was one and the audience know that.
    • Cliffhangers
      • inspector "well?" to Gerald.
        • The audience have to wait, yet they have already anticipated what will happen.
    • Symbolism
      • "We all must look after each other."
        • The inspector symbol of Socialism.
      • "A man has to make his own way."
        • Mr Birling is a symbol of Capilaism.
    • Lighting
      • "the lighting should be pink and intimate then should be brighter and harder."
        • it makes the inspectors entrance have a greater impact.
    • Doorbell
      • "We hear the sharp ring of the doorbell. Birling stops."
        • It interrupts Birling. makes the audience make a connection between birling talking about his views on socialism and the inspector.
    • Photograph
      • "We've no proof it was the same photograph"
        • It creates a sense of mystery, as they may see different photographs.
    • Entrances and Exits
      • Eric walks in just audience realise he is the father.


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