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  • drama
    • improvisation
      • improvisation is acting without any preparation.
    • the golden rule of improvisation
      • the second line should always be yes or an open answer.
    • freeze frame
      • when an actor freeze to create an image or a picture.
    • A role
      • A part that an actor plays rather than themselves
    • Another word of role
      • Character
    • Role play
      • Acting and behaving as though you are some one else
    • Mime
      • Acting with out talking but carrying out convincing action a facial expressions
    • flashback/ flash forward
      • A way of showing a change in time or character's story
    • pitch
      • How high or low your voice is
    • pause
      • A short silence in the spoken words to emphasise the point or the character's feelings and attitude.
    • Gesture
      • physical  cations ,using your arms and legs to show your character's inner thoughts and feeling


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