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  • Phil
    • Adam’s death
      • Isn’t involved in that Adam’s death until John Tate ask him to come up with a plan.
      • Phil goes to extreme lengths to make sure the cover-up remains intact.
      • Instructs Cathy to kill Adam when it turns out he is alive
      • Phil’s intentions are clear into the cover-up but he could be trying to protect the group
      • He believes sacrificing one person is okay if it benefits everyone
      • Doesn’t take an active role in the cover-up. Phil gives everyone a  task apart from himself and Leah.
      • Shows Brian and Cathy how to suffocate Adam with a plastic bag
    • Physical skills
      • Come across as more mature than the rest of the group.
      • Could you slow and more decisive moves to show that he is more controlled than the others
      • He could remain still to contrast the other characters twitching and fiddling.
      • An actor could use an upright position to show authority.
      • He could pull neutral facial expressions as this would make it hard for the audience to judge his
      • Phil could move centrestage when talking to John Tate to show that he is the groups new leader and is, taking control.
      • You could use physical contact to show his dominance over the other characters.
    • Relation with Leah
      • Phil plays a passive role during the scenes with Leah.
      • An actor could remain still to show the lack of interest in what Leah is saying
    • Vocal skills
      • Calm and measured tone could be used to match feels relaxed relaxed appearance. Would also provide a contrast to the rest of the group
      • Use of clear diction would also reinforce his authority
      • When others refuse to follow his orders his vocal delivery could become more menacing
      • "PHIL says nothing"
      • "if you don't help us we'll kill you"
      • "Tell no one or we'll all go to prision"
    • The audience may see Phil as being a psychopath if an actor can highlight his merciless side. They could also be led to believe that he feels no sympathy for Adams murder


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