practitioner theory - brecht and artaudian

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  • Practitioner theory
    • Artaudian
      • Immersive theatre
        • feel in characters shoes/part of story
        • Theatre of cruelty
          • uses blackbox theatre
            • takes away audiences senses- bombardment of light/sound then silence.
              • no costume or set
        • immersed audience within characters and the piece
      • Heroin addict- reflect his mental state on stage
      • physical theatre- language of body, not voice
    • Brechtian
      • Brecht/ didactic/ epic theatre
        • epic theatre= practitioners responded to the political climate of the time through the creation of a new political theatre
        • audience think about play after
          • lighting
            • Big white flood lights, audience can see lights- reminder of always watching a production.   Did not want audience immersed.
            • During a song- white light to a gold straw- to be different things. House lights on during performance, actors and audience equal.
          • set
            • Industrial Simple and symbolic
          • costume
            • Simple Get changed on stage. Everything is representational. Props can be used in a variety of ways. (Eigao ‘just do it’- represent reckless thinking)
        • acting
          • Techniques- Spass- take **** out of something Gestus- character gesture that embodies a feeling or emotion.
            • Non linear plot  7 states of tension used in his works.   Influenced by greek acting (huge gestures)
              • Dual meaning and montage of scenes Abstract and very exaggerated characters.
            • sound
      • wanted audience to think
      • not religious- reflected in his later plays.
        • stop audience being passive


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