Dracula chapters 16-20

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  • Dracula chapters 16-20
    • Chapter 16
      • Helsing rescues a second child from undead Lucy and prevents Arthur becoming her next victim
      • Undead Lucy is destroyed by Arthur, her soul is saved
      • Helsing proposes they track down Drac and destroy him
      • Helsing, Seward, Quincey and Arthur go to Lucys tomb
    • Chapter 17
      • Mina transcribes Sewards diary
      • Jonathan locates the destination of Draculas boxes of earth
        • Includes his coffins
      • Mina prepares the narrative of the diaries, journals and articles
      • Mina comforts Arthur and Quincey
    • Chapter 18
      • Renfeild appears to have knowledge of Lucys death
      • Helsing outlines the greater tasks facing the men
      • Mina is excluded from the quest for her protection
        • Renfeild begs Seward to release him
    • Chapter 19
      • Helsing, Quincey, Arthur, Seward and Jonathan go to carfax
      • They discover 21 boxes have been removed
      • Mina has a disturbing dream
    • Chapter 20
      • All Dracs boxes are located
      • Jonathan uses Arthurs title and influence to gain information about Draculas home in Picadilly London
      • Sewards notes that Renfeild wants the life but not the souls of those he devours
      • Renfeild is injured
        • Attacked potentially by Drac


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