Dr Faustus

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  • Dr Faustus
    • 'his waxed wings did mount above his reach'
      • 'resolve me of all ambigituities'
      • 'within this circle is Jehovah's name'
        • 'curse  thee, wicked Mephistopheles'
      • 'and write a deed of gift with thine own blood'
      • 'hot whore'
    • 'cursed necromancy'
      • 'both law and physic are for petty wits;'
        • 'Faustus lost eternal joy and felicity '
        • 'that Faustus may repent and save his soul'
      • 'I charge thee to return and change thy shape'
    • 'the reward of sin is death'
      • 'and then be thou as great as Lucifer'
        • 'Ah, Mephistopheles!'
          • 'but one bare hour to live'
        • 'ugly hell, gape not'
    • 'and necromantic books are heavenly'
      • 'all things that move between the quiet poles'
        • 'thou art too ugly to attend on me'
          • 'sweet mephistopheles'
        • 'as pleasing unto me as paradise was to Adam the first day of his creation'
      • 'a sound magician is a mighty god'
        • 'sp he will spare him four and twenty years'
          • 'homo fudge'
      • 'was that Lucifer an angel once?'
        • 'blood congeals'
      • 'had I as many souls as there be stars'
    • 'magic that hath ravised me'
      • 'leave me a while to ponder on my sins'
    • 'O, this cheers my soul!'
      • 'O, this feeds my soul!'
        • 'No Faustus, curse thyself'
      • 'her lips **** fourth my soul'
        • 'O soul, be changed into little waterdrops'


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