Dr Rank according to York Notes

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  • Dr Rank
    • Who is he?
      • A close family friend of Torvald and Nora
      • He is dying from a hereditary illness and confides this to Nora alone
      • He is in love with Nora
    • Ranks Philosophy: Key Quotation
      • 'why shouldn't one make the most of this world? as much as one can, and for as long as one can'
        • simple hedonism
        • Nora may perceive this as showing courage in the face of immanent death
    • The Role of Raisonneur
      • a detached observer offering advice to protagonists but not changing course of actions
      • this a familiar role to well-made plays
      • He rearely articulates his feelings
      • He bears no malice for Torvalds limitations as a friend
    • The Inner Man
      • Humour allows him to discuss the forbidden subject of his illness
      • he voices a real need to keep his place in the Helmer household as long as possible
        • he would 'lay down his life'


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