DR Lanyon

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  • Dr Lanyon
    • Dr Lanyon describes Dr Jekyll's experiments as 'scientific balderdash' claiming that Jekyll's experiments were ridiculous and that he had 'gone wrong, wrong in the mind'
    • "If anyone knows, it will be Lanyon.
    • "Henry Jekyll became too fanciful for me."
    • "He had his death-warrant written legibly upon his face."
    • "The rosy man had grown pale."
    • "Lanyon declared himself a doomed man."
      • ' "I have had a shock," he said, "and I shall never recover." '
    • "conscious at his touch of a certain icy pang along my blood."
    • "his flesh had fallen away"
    • "I wish to see or hear no more Dr Jekyll... I beg that you will spare me any allusion to one whom I regard as dead."
    • "My mind submerged in terror."
    • "my soul sickened at it"
    • "My life is shaken to its roots; sleep has left me; the deadliest terror sit by me at all hours of the day and night"
    • "hearty, healthy dapper, red-faced gentleman"
    • "I have seen devilish little of the man."


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