Dr Jekyll Key Quotes

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  • Dr Jekyll - key quotes
    • Reputation - duality
      • "more than commonly grave countenance before the public"
      • "deeper trench"
      • "almost morbid sense of shame"
      • "profound duplicity of life"
    • Reputation
      • "well known and highly considered"
      • "more than commonly grave countenance before the public"
      • "every mark of capacity and kindness"
      • "head high"
    • Losing control
      • "slowly losing hold of my original and better self"
      • "drunkard"
    • Jekyll not being innocent - Duality of Man
      • "smiled at the notion"
        • "humorous"
      • "remorse"
      • "conscience slumbered"
      • "Hyde alone"
      • "sea of liberty"
        • "schoolboy"
    • Jekyll desires
      • "my devil had long been caged"
      • "came out roaring"
      • "I was conscious"
      • "Propensity to ill"
    • Suffering - empathy
      • "returns upon us with more unfamiliar and more awful pressure"
      • "no one has ever suffered such torments"
    • Hatred between J and H
      • "more than a son's indifference" H
        • "more than a father's interest" J
      • "the brute that slept"
      • "resented the dislike"
    • Equilibrium between good and evil
      • "Man is not truly one but truly two" - syntactic parallelism
    • Dual Nature of Man
      • "He, I say, I cannot say, I"
      • "I find it in my heart to pity him"
      • "kindness"
        • "callous"
      • "a tall fine build"
        • "dwarfish"
      • "all men's respect"
        • "damnable"
    • Appearance
      • "a large, well made smooth-faced man of fifty, with every mark of capacity and kindness"
      • "This was a hearty, healthy, dapper, red-faced gentleman"
    • Science
      • "transcendental medicine"
      • "unscientific balderdash"
      • "the curse of mankind"
      • "risked death"
    • Suffering
      • "disconsolate prisoner"
      • "I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end"


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