Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Quotations

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  • Hyde
    • "ape like fury"
    • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde- Quotations
      • Jekyll
        • "conceal my pleasures"
        • "God knows i am careless"
        • "man is not truly one but truly two"
        • "a large smooth faced man of fifty"
        • "Dr Jekyll grew very pale to the lips"
      • Lanyon
        • "unscientific balderdash"
        • "the rosy man had grown pale"
        • "Dr Lanyon took to his bed and something less than a fortnight he was dead"
        • "what he told me in the next hour, i cannot bring my mind to set on paper"
      • Mr Utterson
        • "if he be Mr Hyde i shall be Mr Seek"
        • "Never lightened by a smile"
        • "God forgive us, God forgive us"
        • "Lean, long, dusty, dreary"
        • "body of a self destroyer"
        • "drank gin when he was alone"
      • Poole
        • "i think theres been foul play"
        • "the mans appearance amply bore out his words"
        • "what ails you?"
      • Enfield
        • "an expression of such object terror and despair"
        • "like some dammed juggernaught"
    • "strong feeling of deformity"
    • "snarled aloud into a savage laugh"
    • "something displeasing, something downright detestable"
    • "he broke out into a great flame of anger"


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