Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    • Introduction
      • About the dual nature of man
        • Human nature- everyone has a good and bad side
        • If a dark side is found it can cause problems
          • If hidden or denied can problems too
      • Reflects the strict values of Victorian society
        • People were expected to be restrained and appear respectable at all times
      • Fictional
    • Background information
      • Set in London
      • Middle and upper- class had to look respectable
        • Hid their true feelings and immoral behaviour
      • Reputation was very important
        • This meant they did anything to keep a good name
      • Didn't  talk about anything that would  upset civilised society
    • Victorian Gentlemen
      • Social class was important
        • Very important for children
      • Gentlemen from upper class
      • Profession was important
      • Strong morals and kindness towards the poor
      • Brought benefits
        • professions in medicine and law, respect from rich clients
      • Expected to keep emotions under strict control
      • Publicly snobbish about forbidden places
      • Paid sums of money to keep reputation
    • Victorian London
      • Middle and upper-class in richly-furnished houses
      • Industrial Revolution
        • Working class people moved to large cities/towns
        • Houses built quickly- large number of sums
          • Poor quality , damp, no running water, no proper sanitation
            • lead to fatal diseases
      • Two sides of the city overlap
      • Men didn't want to be seen near slums or brothels
    • Victorian Religion and Science
      • Christianity had a strong influence
        • One influential branch was Evangelicalism
          • Taught all people  they are naturally sinful
            • They have to seek forgiveness from God by strict moral and religion code
      • Darwin's theory of evolution was controversial


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