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    • Friendship and Loyalty
      • Social respected and well behaved
        • holds dinner parties, well known in community for his reputable character.
        • behaves socially acceptably, is very aware of how other people see him.
    • Hidden Behaviour and Repression
      • Repression and reputation
        • Jekyll kept the sinful side of his personality repressed to appear  socially respectable
    • Science and Religion
      • Religion
        • “Captives at Philippi”
          • This is a reference to how Hyde is unexpectedly freed and causes more trouble
        • “This inexplicable incident… seemed, like the Babylonian finger on the wall, to be spelling out the letters of my judgment”.
          • explains his mental state of conflict, how he has set himself up against god.
            • It also foreshadows Jekyll’s death and evokes a feeling of doom.
      • Science
        • Jekyll's expriments
          • Jekyll’s experiments cause destruction and death of the people around him,. This shows the potential of science to destroy the order of society and disrupt rigid Victorian expectations.
        • Jekyll's drugs
          • intrusive: “some white salt” and “some strange things”
            • Vague language: ambiguity and fear
    • Duality of Human Nature
      • When Hyde disappeared Jekyll became old self and visits friends goes to church and holds dinner parties
        • “He came out of his seclusion, renewed relations with his friends, became once more their familiar guest and entertainer; and whilst he had always been known for charities, he was now no less distinguished for religion.” (6)
      • This is a reference to how Hyde is unexpectedly freed and causes more trouble


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