Dr. Fautus John Marlowe Critics

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  • Dr Faustus (A Text) by Christopher Marlowe
    • Unkown 'Faustus is the slave of his passions'
    • Tayne 'Faustus is wholly engrossed in the present'
    • Ornstein 'We are always aware that Faustus is the self-deluded fool of Lucifer'
    • Jeffrey '[Faustus is] tempted to sell his soul to the devil for the ordinary price of sensual pleasure'
    • Maxwell 'Faustus is Everyman, and his sin a re-enactment of the sin of Adam'
    • R. M. Dawkins  Faustus is 'a Renaissance man who had to pay the medieval price for being one'
    • Richard Wagner 'He is anything but a hero'
    • Harry Levin 'His quest for knowledge leads him to taste the fruit of the tree that shaded Adam & Eve, to savour the distinction between good and evil'
    • Wilhelm He gives up heaven and sells his soul to the devil; but he does not derive the slightest benefit from his agreement, as he never becomes the master of the spirit who has sworn to serve him, and employs his agency for mere frivolous issues'
    • Hazlitt 'Faustus was not in fact acting to fulfil his own selfish desires, but as a martyr to collect knowledge for all of us'


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