Down's Syndrome

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  • Down's syndrome.
    • Down's syndrome is caused by genetics that occur when an extra chromosome is present. Chromosome 21.
    • PIESF ON THEMSELVES: P- Heart defects, Vision Problems, Certain Characteristics, Muscle Weakness. I- Fear of bullying, Memory problems, E- Scared, Upset, Envy, Embarrassment, S- Isolation, Longer to develop speech, Bad Social Skills, F- Disability Living Allowance, No job-discrimination.
    • PIESF ON OTHERS: E- Fear, Scared, Self-confusion, Upset. S- No strong relationships spend most time being a carer, F- Access benefits if carer, More time off work.
    • Barriers: Education: Memory Loss, Learning Difficulties, Need Special Provision. Employment: Discrimination, Lack of Opportunity. Social: Difficult to make friends, Hard to communicate, Social Exclusion. Economic: Loss of earnings, Lack of employment. Environment: Not able to access certain places.
    • Risks: Bullying, Isolation, Abuse, Self-Harm, Stress.
    • Safeguarding - Legislation: Equality act, Mental Capacity Act, Disability Discrimination Act - Promote equal opportunity - Encourage participation.
    • Safeguarding - Policies: Child Protection Policy, SEN Code of Practice, Disability equality scheme - School accessible for people with disabilities.
    • Safeguarding - Service Provision: Special school may be needed, Mainstream provision if no Special School, Schools need SEN, Supported Living, Bullying Policy, Day Care, Child Protection.
    • Safeguarding - Professionals: Warden, Senco, Care Worker, Teachers, Head of Year, Teaching assistant.


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